Computer's Back

We had to send our laptop to Texas to get repaired and have been without it for a couple weeks. Somehow, I never felt like blogging on the desktop (perhaps due to the fact that my passwords are saved on my laptop and I'd have to go look them up somewhere in order to log onto my blogsite from another computer!)

So much to write about w.r.t. my job, not sure where exactly to start. I'll post something soon.

On other fronts, we spontaneously (well, 3 days in advance is spontaneous for us!)rented a car and drove to Chico last weekend. We saw several friends and had a really good time. It was nice that it was still comfortable to be with our friends, even after two years away.

Chico itself, though, was another story. There is something a little strange about visiting a place you've lived before; it's kind of like hearing a song on the radio from your teenage years--there's the initial comforting pang of familiarity, followed by threads of emotions which make you ask, "Did I love this song or hate it?" followed by embarrassment that you can't really remember, or embarrassment that you liked something so bad, or embarrassment that you now feel happy to hear something that you once hated.

Well, visiting Chico was maybe not quite like that. More like re-reading something that you wrote a few years ago. You feel both fond of it and faintly uninterested; it is part of who you are, but it's still the past.

Okay, I am getting tired and silly. I'll write something more thoughtful at another time!