Why Not Just Stop Being Greedy Bastards?

Can someone explain why this isn't being considered?

If a lot of the people who are in trouble on their mortgages got there because of adjustable-rate mortgages, and
if the banks and other lenders are in trouble because too many people can't pay those mortgages

why can't the banks/lenders just revert everyone's mortgage to the rate it was when they could pay it?

Obviously this doesn't help people who can no longer pay because they've lost their jobs or whatnot, but that is not the vast majority of people getting foreclosed on, as far as I can tell.

This seems like such a simple solution, there must be something wrong with it. Anyone care to explain?

A few recent photos

1. Train-window-view of the valley, somewhere between Sacramento and the the bay area.

2. Snow-covered mountains in the Sierra, somewhere between Sacramento and Reno.

3. Justin and me at a rest-stop on the way to Reno.

4. Finally, for our Australian friends, and any other fans of Brett and Jemaine, a photo of a real sign-spinner. This kid was on a corner near my parents' house. Over the course of the recent weekend I spent in Sac, I saw 5 sign-spinners! Maybe they've always been there, and I just was never tuned in to them, but I really noticed them this time.

I certainly never see sign-spinners in the neighborhoods where I live or where I work. I guess out in the suburbs there are so many businesses (that all seem the same, I might add), that business owners find it worth their while to try to grab passing motorists' attention this way. It's not so different from street-hawkers and touts in less-industrialized countries, I guess.

Another Weekend Away

So...good news #1: our car made it to Reno. Good news #2: our car made it back from Reno. No problems!

It snowed Friday, so Reno was cold! I find high desert lovely anyway, but it was especially lovely today: clear, cold but not bitterly so, and not windy. The drive through the mountains up and back was also a nice reminder of what a beautiful state we live in, and how we should get out of town more often.

Monte-Carlo Motel: service was bad, price was okay (burnt-out lightbulb which we had to replace with the walkway light because the clerk left and never came back all night, plus our friends couldn't get into their room and we had to climb through the window to open the door, which made some of them very uncomfortable, but it was better than trying to sleep six people in two beds).

Breakfast as Circus Circus: only so-so, though it was my first time ever in a casino, I think. Oh, wait, I visited one in Australia, so it was my first time in an American casino. We didn't do any gambling all weekend--not even a single quarter!

A stop in Sacto at RR's deceased grandmother's house was nice. It was one of those perfect Sacramento fall days, where the sky is impossibly blue, and we ate fresh ripe persimmons from the trees.

Now, I just have to get a lot of school work done in a very short time. Hmmm. Once again, I'm imagining a career that doesn't involve bringing any work home in evenings or on weekends. What job would that be?

My School Picture

Yes, I have become a polo-shirt, khaki-slacks, lanyard-with-key-and-ID, matching-earrings kinda gal. Well, during the week, anyway.

Funny, huh?