January winding down

Well, it's interesting to see that all I have to do to get a lot of comments is to post a picture of pus. Glad so many of you enjoyed it!

I've been spending about as much time as I can stand to be on the computer doing family history research. There are several threads at many time depths and in different parts of the country that I am pursuing, with varied success. Today I was trying to find out about my great-grandmother who, family lore has it, was one of the first trained kindergarten teachers in the state of Michigan. In the course of that I found out about "normal school"--the teacher colleges of the time.

At the end of the 19th century (just before my ancestor would've been training), there was, at the Michigan Normal School, a disagreement about what the primary approach of the institution should be. Should the focus be on pedagogy and teaching students how to teach? Or should the focus be on giving the students a broad educational foundation?

It struck me as funny because the same debate continues today and it seems that the answer keeps swinging back and forth as to which is more important.
Top two pictures are dragon fruit; lower picts are rambutan. Posted by Picasa
For those who've been hankering for more photos of tropical infections...  Posted by Picasa
Self-portrait in a park in Glebe, Sydney. Posted by Picasa
Cool rocks along beach walk. Posted by Picasa
Notice the jacket! Posted by Picasa
The Australian Museum in Sydney absorbed us for many hours, with exhibits on all kinds of natural history. Posted by Picasa
Maybe Coogee or Bronte Beach? Posted by Picasa
There were many buildings around our hostel in Glebe with these striped corrugated verandah roofs, which we liked very much. Posted by Picasa
I'm not sure I can explain why I enjoyed this so much, but maybe you will enjoy it too. Posted by Picasa
We joined flocks of tourists in the Blue Mountains. Posted by Picasa
The Three Sisters formation is on the left. Posted by Picasa
This prehistoric-looking environment was really different from the areas higher up. Posted by Picasa
I love trees like this! Posted by Picasa
I thought the art deco details in red-brown brick were interesting. Posted by Picasa
Does this look familiar? Katoomba was full of these California-style bungalows (so-called at a local real-estate office). Posted by Picasa
Cheeky little California poppies in the Blue Mountains of Australia. They sure made me smile to see them--like running into an old friend. Posted by Picasa
We were kind of lost at this point, but it was hard to worry in such a cheerful meadow. Posted by Picasa
Spectacular views were not in short supply. Posted by Picasa
Check out the cool rock that Justin's standing on! Posted by Picasa
Doesn't this look like something about which there should be a folk story? Posted by Picasa
I'd only seen these in fancy floral arrangements before seeing this in the wild. Posted by Picasa
We saw several of these pretty parrots (or whatever). Posted by Picasa
from Leura looking at Katoomba (I think!). Posted by Picasa
A galah in Katoomba. There are many in the NT too, but we've never been able to get so close. Posted by Picasa
Hawksbury Heights YHA eco-lodge, our second stay in the Blue Mountains. Posted by Picasa