Catalin in Mexico, part 1

Well, I'm here after a bit of airplane trouble and an unexpected night in Mexico City. My bag finally arrived Saturday evening and I'm now settled in my homestay. It's a beautiful city and there is no shortage of tourists, mostly American, but also plenty of Mexican tourists as well. I'm having trouble logging into my blog, so Justin is posting this. Don't know how many posts I'll make after all. Am keeping a journal though, and have taken a few pictures. Can check email at school.

Back in action

Coming soon... Guanajuato, Mexico.

I leave tomorrow, and will try to post a few observations and photos during the two and a half weeks I'll be there. Get out your Spanish dictionaries, as I plan to put my language skills to use!

Mountain Highs

Seven people. The seventh day. The seventh month. The year 2007. A lovely hike in the high Sierra. Alpine meadows full of wildflowers. Trees Mountain lakes. Snow patches. Clear water. Green- and orange-lichen encrusted rocks. Spectacular views.

Good company. Fresh air. Campfire. Guitar. Conversation.