Back in the saddle

That last post wasn't intended as a farewell to the blog, but somehow it became one. Perhaps with this new post at the top, I'll get back in the habit. Since I wrote last...

I spent the month of September studying for the GRE, which I took toward the end of the month. Fortunately I scored well enough that I didn't feel I needed to take it again.

I was asked to teach one class (two days/wk) at the school I was at last year and I accepted, even though the class had already begun by the time I took it over and it turned out to be much more of a regular school thing than the optional after-school thing I initially thought it was.

I got another part-time job working at a nonprofit that sets up a summer internship and study program for disadvantaged youth. It's a great organization, and I do my work for them from home. A new kind of thing for me, but using skills I've developed from other jobs.

I met with Justin's colleagues and have begun (in principle) a collaboration wherein I help them develop teaching materials for the endangered language they are documenting.

The term ended at school and I agreed to teach another Tues/Thur class. This one I designed and I'm excited about seeing how it goes. We've had two meetings so far.

I've also agreed to start another class, once/week, for English learners. That hasn't begun yet.

I've turned down a chance to work on the school's charter renewal and re-accreditation submission, although I will probably end up being involved in some way.

I've almost finished reading Don Quijote (both parts), which is a great and funny book and should be much more widely read, but maybe published as a serial so its 1000+ pages are not so intimidating.

What else? Who knows! There are always changes afoot here.