Exposing the hidden beauty

We tore out the carpet in the guest room yesterday. Taking out the staples from where the pad had been attached to the floor was a little tedious, but also satisfying. Removing the tack strips along the edges that help the carpet in place was difficult at first but became easier with practice and the right tools. The floors are a gorgeous polished dark reddish honey color. The carpet pad left a waffle pattern across much of it which we need to clean off once we figure out the best way to do that without damaging the wood.

The baseboard needs some augmenting. For some reason the floor boards do not reach all the way to the baseboard (which sits on the subfloor, below the level of the flooring), so we are going to add a foot molding to the current baseboard. We thought of pulling the baseboard off and starting over, but it turned out to be a bear to take off, partly because it is partially below the surface of the flooring. I don't know if the picture really shows it that well.

We thought we might go ahead and paint too, while the furniture is out of there, so that's pretty much the agenda for this week, in addition to getting a cat and finishing our drip irrigation system for the veggies.


Anonymous said...

exciting news!! esp. about the cat! that floor is beautiful. why oh why do folks lay carpet? polly

Catalin said...

They do it for many reasons, and I'm sorta glad they did here because it's in much better shape for us than it might have been if it'd been exposed for the past thirty-odd years! The patriarch who had the house last said that the carpet helped keep the house very warm. He also insulated the underside of the floor (in the crawlspace). But I agree, they're beautiful and I could never imagine covering them all the way up!

BTW, Calliope the Cat is here!

BBQue said...

If you're thinking of refinishing the floors, get the four-head sander. Everyone I know who has redone their floors says it is the best. And be prepared for ridiculous amounts of dust. Again, from everyone I know. Congrats on the house and yard. Looks great. Eric