Meandering through the Pastures of the Past

Unearthed many treasures and nostalgia triggers in boxes that have been stored in my parents' barn since at least 1998.

A few highlights:

Cornhusk dolls: These are some of the folks who lived in my dollhouse. My mom made the man and the baby, I think.
Answering machine: My sister says that we were the first people she knew with an answering machine and this was it.
Diorama of flower fairy: This was not for school, but the kind of thing a kid like me did for fun. Originally there were dried and pressed daffodil flowers as part of this I think, but they had long since crumbled and fallen away.
My first knitted projects: a bag/purse, a bear, a lion.
Pegasus: yes, this was mine.
Macrame: my mom made this and I think it's great. It definitely speaks from a certain era, doesn't it?
Apache roadster: I don't actually have any memories of this, but I'm guessing it was my older brother's.

More in another post.


Anonymous said...

I, of course, made the exact same type of lion and purse! Not the bear, though, so that must have been a post-3rd grade project, after I'd already left Waldorf. I also have a real soft spot for macrame wall hangings b/c my mom made several as well, and I loved them as a child.

Anonymous said...

i love the notion of "nostalgia triggers". never thought of it quite like that. so true though!polly

Catalin said...

Funny about the bear, Camille. Before coming across these items, I remembered that I had made a purse and a lion. When I saw the bear, it seemed familiar, but not like the other two. Maybe I didn't make it. Or maybe we were supposed to have given it away; maybe you made one and gave it away?

Yay for macrame! Sadly, Justin suggested I hang it in the garage... He also ran away from crafts camp as a child, so he doesn't have the same appreciation for the fine handicrafts of the '70s as I do.